Entrepreuer. Business Minded. Excited for life. 

I enjoy cleaning and working a lot. Honestly, cleaning is therapeutic to me. Plus, it relieves my clients' stress and allows them a clean, fresh space to come home to -or go to work to. 

I offer childcare and pet-sitting as well and thoroughly enjoy both. Kids just make me laugh and I love hearing their big ideas and kinda slowing down to watch Paw Patrol, take a walk, head to the park or take your pets out for a walk, too.  If you want childcare -that will also leave the house clean when you get home -and in better shape than when you left, hire me.  Having 6 siblings, I've had my share of experience with this and would love to be your childcare provider or petsitter. Feel free to check out my Facebook Page for reviews and references. 

Thank you for stopping by!


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